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How Mick Jagger Can Make You a Better Advocate

Whether you’re pushing forward a priority issue or trying to prevent your favored policy from being rolled back, a high-performing coalition can supercharge your persuasive powers. A diverse team can be a “force multiplier” that infuses more energy, creativity and contacts into your campaign, driving progress towards your advocacy goals more rapidly than possible on your own.

Sounds like a no-brainer: find likeminded individuals or groups, invite them to join your effort and let the advocacy begin!

If only it were that easy.

Although there are many benefits of a team approach to advocacy,

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Want to influence a Member of Congress? There’s a Checklist for That

Rapid-fire policy changes from the Trump White House and Congress are triggering intense efforts to advocate for priorities affected by regulatory and legislative actions.

How should you start your advocacy efforts? What questions do you need to answer before you're off and running?

Trying to influence complicated policy-making processes can seem daunting. But it doesn't have to be.

I put together a a one-page checklist to help you focus on the hot-button "persuasion pressure points" that are the most important factors Members of Congress use in considering whether to support your position (or even meet with you).

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