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How to Take Your Expertise to the Marketplace, with Dr. Julius Edson – Ep #29

Have you ever felt like the opportunities to leverage your expertise and training were limited to only academia or government work? Were you ever exposed to the possibility of taking your expertise and training to the marketplace? Here to share his experience in academia and taking his skill set to the marketplace is Dr. Julius Edson.

Julius is the co-founder of Responsive Polymers Therapeutics (RPG) which aims to fill a void created by the lack of available effective antimicrobials. He is also a Business Development Associate at Zymo Research. Julius previously served as an Assistant Project Scientist at the University of California (UC),

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How to Cultivate a Diverse Skill Set, with Dr. Yaihara Fortis Santiago – Ep #28

Scientific work is inherently specific, but the skill set of an effective researcher should be diverse and varied. Do you have a broad skill set or could it use some development work? Here to explain the value of a diverse skill set and how to cultivate one is Dr. Yaihara Fortis Santiago.

Yaihara is the Manager of Postdoctoral Affairs at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Previously, she served as the director of the Science Alliance, the professional development branch of the New York Academy of Sciences. In her work at the Science Alliance, she worked closely with the career development offices at many Science Alliance partner Institutions,

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Pipelines of Opportunity for PhDs and Postdocs at Rutgers, with Yvonne Gonzalez – Ep #27

What happens when postdocs and PhDs are part of an educational institution but seem to slip through the cracks? Ideally, the school would go to work rectifying the situation as it did at Rutgers University. Here to discuss her work with postdocs at Rutgers is this week’s guest, Yvonne Gonzalez.

Yvonne has over ten years of experience in the development and management of several multi-million dollar education and workforce development projects aimed to increase the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women and minorities in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields.

Supporting the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs,

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How to Speak with Impact, with Allison Shapira – Ep #26

What does it take to present your message and speak with impact? Polling data shows that year after year the most common fear is public speaking. How can you overcome that fear, convey your research, or message with confidence? Here to lend her expertise and share her deep experience to this challenging subject is Allison Shapira.

Allison is the CEO and Founder of Global Public Speaking LLC, a company that helps people speak with confidence and authenticity in their speeches, presentations, and important conversations. She is a former opera singer who teaches public speaking at the Harvard Kennedy School and has spent the last 15 years working with Fortune 50 companies,

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