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Credibility and Authenticity in Online Health Influencers with Dr. Amelia Burke-Garcia- Ep #59

Dr. Amelia Burke-Garcia is the Director of the Digital Strategy & Outreach Program Area within the Public Health Division at NORC at the University of Chicago. She is also the author of her first book titled Influencing Health: A Comprehensive Guide to Working with Online Influencers, which is an analysis and how-to manual on the evolution and power of online health influencers.

Dr. Burke-Garcia is also Director of the Digital Strategy and Outreach Program of the Public Health Division at NORC University of Chicago. Prior to her time at the University of Chicago, Dr. Burke-Garcia served as the director for the Center for Digital Strategy and Research at Westat,

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The Importance of Connection in Storytelling with Jack Dannibale – Ep #58

The power of storytelling is evident in so many parts of our society. The movie and television industries are bigger than ever and growing more so each year. Storytelling is now and has been used effectively in the realm of politics for a long time. So what about science? Are there lessons to be learned from storytellers by scientists who wish to communicate their work more effectively to the public at large?

Jack Dannibale is the Founder and President at Massimo Inc. Jack and his team create compelling media campaigns with notable leaders such as President Barack Obama,

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An Exploration of Storytelling, with Erik Clausen- Ep #57

Telling stories is a part of human history. Storytelling is one of those human elements that transcend culture and geography and time. Whether it be through theater, television, cinema, the written word, or even the oral traditions of the past, the communication of values, morals, and entertainment have been used throughout the ages. 

Erik Clausen is a marketing and communications executive with more than two decades of international experience building brands and telling stories. For the past nine years, he’s led cglife, an integrated marketing and communications agency operating at the intersection of life science and healthcare.

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The Importance of Research in Healthcare with Dr. Richard Larson – Ep #56

Research is a critical component to continuing advances in technology and treatments in healthcare. A focused research mission is what leads to those improvements, and the ability for researchers to secure funding and operate efficiently goes a long way towards achieving that goal. So where is the best place to put resources into research and development?

This week’s guest believes that research is best done hand-in-hand with academic institutions, and has a career of success to back it up.

Dr. Richard Larson is an entrepreneur and an academic leader. He serves as Executive Vice-Chancellor of the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center,

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