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The Postdoc Academy, with Dr. Sarah Chobot Hokanson – Ep #62

Graduating with a PhD is an unbelievable accomplishment. It is the culmination of many years of sweat, tears, hard work, and dedication. And for many who have finally received their PhD diploma, the next step is to get into a Postdoctoral Fellowship program. The transition can be difficult, so where can postdocs turn to in order for them to transition smoothly from graduate school to their next big adventure? The Postdoc Academy is designed just for that. 

Dr. Sarah Chobot Hokanson is Assistant Provost, Professional Development & Postdoctoral Affairs at the Boston University School of Medicine where she provides services and programming for all postdoctoral scholars at Boston University.

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The Importance of Connection in Storytelling with Jack Dannibale – Ep #58

The power of storytelling is evident in so many parts of our society. The movie and television industries are bigger than ever and growing more so each year. Storytelling is now and has been used effectively in the realm of politics for a long time. So what about science? Are there lessons to be learned from storytellers by scientists who wish to communicate their work more effectively to the public at large?

Jack Dannibale is the Founder and President at Massimo Inc. Jack and his team create compelling media campaigns with notable leaders such as President Barack Obama,

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The Importance of Research in Healthcare with Dr. Richard Larson – Ep #56

Research is a critical component to continuing advances in technology and treatments in healthcare. A focused research mission is what leads to those improvements, and the ability for researchers to secure funding and operate efficiently goes a long way towards achieving that goal. So where is the best place to put resources into research and development?

This week’s guest believes that research is best done hand-in-hand with academic institutions, and has a career of success to back it up.

Dr. Richard Larson is an entrepreneur and an academic leader. He serves as Executive Vice-Chancellor of the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center,

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Demystifying Stem Cells, with Dr. Geoff Hunt – Ep #55

The topic of stem cells can elicit a variety of responses from controversy to indifference. These widely misunderstood cells are usually thought to be the product of infants or something taken from the fetuses. The fact is that these amazing cells are a part of all of us, and could possibly lead to great advances in medicine. 

If they are misunderstood, what are the best ways to educate the public on the benefits and uses of stem cells? That is a question that this week’s guest wants to answer.

Dr. Geoff Hunt is the Director at LabX which is presented by the National Academy of Sciences.

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Developing Leaders in Science, Engineering, and Technology, with Dr. Crystal Morrison – Ep #45

Effective leadership is the driving force behind education, business, and also the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields. It is a skill which is hard to describe or pin down, yet you know it when you see it. Why is leadership so important, especially in the fields of science and engineering? And what can people do to develop their skills if they want to become better leaders?

Dr. Crystal Morrison is a scientist, leader, and speaker who believes that stronger leadership skills need to be developed for professionals in the science, engineering, and tech fields.

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How to Use Acting Skills to Overcome a Fear of Public Speaking, with Bri McWhorter – Ep #44

The idea of public speaking can leave many people feeling anxious and afraid. So, for those who need to give a speech or presentation for their academic or business career, what are some ways to overcome the nerves? What techniques can they use to calm their anxiety?

Bri McWhorter is a successful actress and teacher who specializes in public speaking, interview techniques, and interpersonal communications, as well as the skills needed to give an effective presentation. She uses her training as an actor to show others how to overcome stage anxiety and communicate their message. 

The experience of being trained as an actor led Bri to create Activate to Captivate,

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Delivering Transformative, Sustainable, and Appropriate Solutions for Environmental Challenges, with Dr. Lilia Abron – Ep #43

Since the industrial revolution, we have been contaminating our water, air, and land at alarming rates. We also are faced with an epidemic of homelessness. Who can we turn to for these alarming issues which we face? Is there anyone who has tackled these problems successfully? Mark’s guest this week has taken on both of these problems. 

Dr. Lilia Abron is a trailblazing entrepreneur. She has the distinction of being the first African-American woman in the country to earn a PhD in Chemical Engineering. Dr. Abron is also the first African-American to launch a consulting firm which focuses on environmental issues.

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Leadership, the Value of Mentors and the Challenges Facing International Students, with Dr. Sudha Krishnamurthy – Ep #42

Navigating the world of graduate school or postdoctoral studies can be an immense challenge. Those inherent difficulties are even greater when the student is working and studying in a culture different from the one he or she grew up in. For those who are studying in the United States and originally from abroad, who do they turn to for guidance and mentorship? Where can they go to learn the skills to be leaders in their respective fields and in the world?

Dr. Sudha Krishnamurthy has overcome both challenges and enjoys helping and mentoring those who are traversing the roads she has already traveled.

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Successfully Navigating Transitions and Trust, with Dr. Claire Horner-Devine – Ep #41

Change is inevitable in life. Through the course of our lives we will go through a series of transitions, and not all of them will be what we expect. While there is the tantalizing prospect of success and growth, there is also a dark side: fear of failure, regression, loss which can leave us anxious and scared. So how do we navigate these inevitable moments of change? How do we approach periods of transition and give ourselves the greatest chance of success?

Dr. Claire Horner-Devine is a leader in the field of career development for women and underrepresented minorities in STEM,

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