Leadership, the Value of Mentors and the Challenges Facing International Students, with Dr. Sudha Krishnamurthy – Ep #42

Navigating the world of graduate school or postdoctoral studies can be an immense challenge. Those inherent difficulties are even greater when the student is working and studying in a culture different from the one he or she grew up in. For those who are studying in the United States and originally from abroad, who do they turn to for guidance and mentorship? Where can they go to learn the skills to be leaders in their respective fields and in the world?

Dr. Sudha Krishnamurthy has overcome both challenges and enjoys helping and mentoring those who are traversing the roads she has already traveled.

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Successfully Navigating Transitions and Trust, with Dr. Claire Horner-Devine – Ep #41

Change is inevitable in life. Through the course of our lives we will go through a series of transitions, and not all of them will be what we expect. While there is the tantalizing prospect of success and growth, there is also a dark side: fear of failure, regression, loss which can leave us anxious and scared. So how do we navigate these inevitable moments of change? How do we approach periods of transition and give ourselves the greatest chance of success?

Dr. Claire Horner-Devine is a leader in the field of career development for women and underrepresented minorities in STEM,

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The Power of Storytelling in Persuasive Writing, with Trish Hall – Ep #40

Scientists are often encouraged to embrace the power of storytelling in writing or presentations, but how do you know which story to tell? Do you understand how to connect with your reader? If you struggle to find a balance between presenting research while also making a connection with your audience, you’re not alone. Today we’re joined by Trish Hall to talk about her new book, Writing to Persuade, and how you can weave her suggestions into your own work. 

Trish Hall’s served almost 5 years as the Op-Ed Editor of The New York TImes—doubling her department’s size and creative output.

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Creating Pathways for Success in Higher Education and Beyond, with Dr. Allison Rosenberg – Ep #39

Do you feel like multiple pathways for success were open to you on your journey through higher education? Were you fortunate enough to find an opportunity to explore your interest right away or did you have to dig around for a while? Unfortunately, there remains a wide gap between what students and postdocs are looking for and the programs that colleges and universities provide. Seeking to bridge that gap and create a more helpful approach is Dr. Allison Rosenberg. 

Dr. Rosenberg is a behavioral scientist and startup entrepreneur with a record of success in both the public and private sectors,

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Encouraging Innovation and Entrepreneurship, with Deanna Meador – Ep #38

Have you ever considered taking your skill set and training to the realm of innovation and entrepreneurship? What would it look like to start exploring a career in the marketplace? Here to share her story and encourage postdocs and researchers like you is Vanderbilt University’s, Deanna Meador. 

Deanna is the assistant director of the Wond’ry at Vanderbilt University. She joined Vanderbilt in 2009 where she began working with the Peabody Research Institute (PRI), now the Peabody Research Office. 

Deanna and her husband Jason became entrepreneurs in 2007 when they founded a mineral makeup business that grew to multiple retail locations in two states that they ran together until it was acquired by another company.

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Exploring the Field of Research Development, with Dr. Karen Eck – Ep #37

Have you ever considered a career in the field of research development? While it’s a relatively new field in academia, there are some amazing leaders like Dr. Karen Eck who are making significant progress. 

Karen is the Assistant Vice President for Research at Old Dominion University (ODU). In her role at ODU, Karen interfaces with internal and external entities in support of research development and policy, research strategic planning and partnerships, and regional and other initiatives on behalf of the Office of Research. 

In 2015 Dr. Eck was elected to the National Organization of Research Development Professionals (NORDP) Board of Directors and currently serve as President.

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Pushing Back Against Alternative Facts and Embracing the Role of Emotion, with Dr. Annelise Riles – Ep #36

We’ve all heard the phrase “Alternative facts,” advanced by the current Administration – what can scientists and researchers do to push back? How do we avoid confusion and mixed messages when it comes to concrete data and scientific findings? Here to share her valuable perspective on the topic of alternative facts is Dr. Annelise Riles.

Annelise is a leading global interdisciplinary anthropologist and legal scholar. She is the executive director of the Roberta Buffett Institute for Global Studies at Northwestern University, enhancing Northwestern’s reputation for cutting-edge, interdisciplinary programs and research on globally relevant topics.

Dr. Riles is also the founder and director of Meridian-180,

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Embrace Your Curiosity and Ask Questions, with Dr. Donna J. Dean – Ep #35

What unique qualities and skill sets do you bring to the table? Are you comfortable exercising and showcasing your abilities? Too often, it can take decades for scientists and researchers to build up the courage and confidence to lead with their abilities. If you find yourself struggling to step boldly into your wheelhouse – you aren’t alone.

Here to help you embrace your curiosity, analytical perspective, and drive to ask questions is Dr. Donna J. Dean. Donna has had a distinguished career with 27 years in the federal government at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA),

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How to Engage in Effective Science Advocacy, with Wendy Naus – Ep #35

What does it take to engage in thoughtful and effective science advocacy? What good will all of your hard work accomplish if you can’t convey it in a way that engages policymakers? Here to help science professionals like you engage in effective science advocacy is the Consortium of Social Science Associations’ (COSSA) Wendy Naus.

Wendy became the fourth Executive Director of COSSA in 2014 following a decade of lobbying for the federal research and policy interests of scientific societies and U.S. universities. Over her career, she has worked to shape legislation, programs, and regulations important to the research community and has advocated for increased research funding across federal agencies.

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How to Become a Good Negotiator, with Dr. Joshua Weiss – Ep #34

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a good negotiator? Do you have to take a class or get a certificate? Imagine how gaining that skill would help you advance in your career. Thankfully, Mark was able to connect with the renowned negotiator, Dr. Joshua Weiss.

Joshua is the co-founder, with William Ury, of the Global Negotiation Initiative at Harvard University and a Senior Fellow at the Harvard Negotiation Project. He is also the Director and creator of the Master of Science degree in Leadership and Negotiation at Bay Path University.

Joshua received his Ph.D.

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