6 Tips for Turning Your Idea Into Reality and Getting Results You Want

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Make a difference. Challenge the status quo. Change the world. 

It's graduation season, and commencement speakers at podiums across the country are urging graduates to use their energy and knowledge to improve their communities. 

"Make your city and your world 'greater, better and more beautiful.'"

First Lady Michelle Obama at City College of New York, June 3rd

"[H]ave the courage to stand up and speak up and find a way to get in the way" when you see something that's not fair.

Congressman and civil rights leader John Lewis at Washington University in St.

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8 Easy to Follow Ways to Be Heard in Congress

Blog 2 - 8 Easy to Follow Ways - Version 2

Remember Schoolhouse Rock: “I'm just a bill, and I'm sitting here on Capitol Hill..."?

Timeless? Yes.  True to life? Not exactly.

A classic ‘70s PSA aimed at 8-year-olds watching “Scooby Doo" on Saturday morning isn’t intended to be realistic in all respects. That’s not the point.

But in the real world, if you’re looking to Congress to:

  • Approve your policy change
  • Block a proposal you oppose or
  • Fund your pet issue

You don’t necessarily need a “bill on Capitol Hill.”  

And maybe you shouldn’t even want  one.

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Speaking Up Is Hard To Do: How To Beat Your Fear of Public Speaking

Blog 1 - Public Speaking

I was 10-years-old and alone on the stage.

Standing behind a podium looking out at stone-faced judges, I could barely see the rows of boys sitting behind them in the darkness.

The audience was packed into the hall, waiting silently in the hot August night for me to begin speaking.

The topic? "Should the United States Have Boycotted the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow".

I took a deep breath and started my speech.

This may sound like one of those stress dreams - you get to class and discover there's an exam you didn't prepare for.

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