Cultivating a Diversified Skill Set, with Chequeta Allen – Ep #4

What is the best way to set yourself up for success in the public square? Does it come down to knowing the right people or connecting to the right organization? Those strategies certainly help, but you should also consider cultivating a diversified skill set. Bringing her wealth of experience to this relevant topic is my guest, Chequeta Allen.

Chequeta is the consummate professional. She has led a multifaceted career in both the public and private sectors. At USC, Chequeta taught Health Information Systems for nearly five years in the MHA program. Currently, Chequeta is making an impact in her role as the Product Marketing Director of Healthcare & Life Sciences at Salesforce.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of When Science Speaks

  • [1:35] Mark introduces his guest, Chequeta Allen.
  • [3:15] Chequeta talks about her experience helping students at Stanford.
  • [5:20] It can be professionally beneficial to hone your skills & acquire various certificates.
  • [7:00] Why did Chequeta work on a scientific management project?
  • [10:25] What does it take to be a good mentor?
  • [13:00] The value of reading and following your interests.

Connect with Chequeta Allen

Adapt or perish

In our ever-changing world, the unvarnished truth is if you don’t adapt you’ll perish. That might sound extreme or hyperbolic but, in reality, this lesson is getting played out in headlines and breaking news stories every day. If you don’t want to be another statistic, you’ve got to learn how to reinvent yourself in a way that makes you stand out from all the rest.

In her career, Chequeta has assisted a multitude of students and peers with navigating this treacherous landscape. In her opinion, the best course of action doesn’t always involve racking up degree after degree. Many professionals can benefit by joining something as simple as the local Toastmasters organization. The key here is to focus on professional development and building a diverse skill set.

Do you need a mentor

What has been your experience with mentors? Have you had a mentor at any point in your career? Have you considered taking the time to mentor someone else in your field? If you think about it, you are at the level of success you enjoy today because someone took the time to invest in you. Maybe for you, it was a professor, a peer, or a supervisor.

Looking back at her career, Chequeta can see a whole list full of amazing individuals who took the time to help guide and shape her education. According to Chequeta, a mentoring relationship is all about common ground. A healthy mentoring relationship isn’t just a one-way road. The mentor and the mentee should invest in this mutually beneficial exchange.

To hear more from Chequeta’s valuable perspective, make sure to listen to this episode of When Science Speaks.

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