The Insider's Guide delivers powerful, proven, easy-to-follow strategies for advancing your policy goals on Capitol Hill

  • Looking for the best ways to drive forward the issues you care about?
  • Trying to influence legislative actions that could impact your business?
  • Wondering how to protect policy accomplishments it took years to achieve? 

The Insider's Guide contains templates, tools and techniques for getting results. Think of it as your how-to manual for making meaningful change.

“Mark is the smartest, most capable policy analyst and strategist with whom I have ever worked. Mark seems to have a “6th sense” about how to get things done and the timing for successfully moving policy measures. ” 

Jim Pyles 

Co-Founder & Principal; Powers, Pyles, Sutter & Verville (a healthcare law firm), Washington, DC


What's Inside

The Insider's Guide is a comprehensive, real-world handbook for anyone passionate about policy issues. With free templates to help focus and amplify advocacy efforts, it takes you step-by-step through the most powerful techniques for making your case in Congress. Starting with tools to get your issue to stand out from others vying for attention, to a checklist for uncovering connections to policy makers, the Insider's Guide will help maximize the persuasive power of your advocacy campaign. 


What's Effective Advocacy?

The Insider's Guide starts by showing you how to make your issue stand out from others competing for a policy maker's time, attention and action.  


Inventory & Identify

Learn how to determine the advocacy assets you have and those still needed to get the most out of your activities on Capitol Hill. 


Get the Band Together

A coaltion can supercharge your advocacy efforts. What roles should be included on your team? What's the best way to construct your coalition? What pitfalls should you watch out for?


Make Your Message Stand Out

The Insider's Guide gives you the recipe for powerfully communicating your message and gaining attention in a crowded issue environment. 


Interview on Digital Advocacy

Should an online component be incorporated in your advocacy campaign? Learn the do's and don'ts. 


Think Beyond the Bill

What other tools besides legislation can you use to drive your agenda forward? See how 8 specific techniques can generate the momentum you need.

“Many people are experts in one area or another. What’s unique about Mark is his holistic approach to tackling an issue - it’s refreshing to work with Mark because he understands all components of an issue to get the resolution we want.” 

Sara Nelson

International President; Assocation of Flight Attendants - CWA, AFL-CIO


 About the Author

Mark Bayer

Mark is President of Bayer Strategic Consulting, a government relations & business development firm. He served as Chief of Staff in the U.S. House of Representatives & U.S. Senate during a 17-year Capitol Hill career.

“Making change happen is in my DNA. In this book, I share the insider tips and strategies for advancing policy priorities in Congress. While it can be challenging, you can reach your goals if you know which routes to take. This guide will help get you there."