Want to influence a Member of Congress? There’s a Checklist for That

Rapid-fire policy changes from the Trump White House and Congress are triggering intense efforts to advocate for priorities affected by regulatory and legislative actions.

How should you start your advocacy efforts? What questions do you need to answer before you're off and running?

Trying to influence complicated policy-making processes can seem daunting. But it doesn't have to be.

I put together a a one-page checklist to help you focus on the hot-button "persuasion pressure points" that are the most important factors Members of Congress use in considering whether to support your position (or even meet with you).

My Insider's One-Page Advocacy Checklist is drawn from my experience as Chief of Staff in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate during 17 years of work in Congress.

And it's FREE.

The Insider's One-Page Advocacy Checklist

Focus your advocacy efforts on what matters most

With 20 questions arranged in "Person", "Place", and "Thing" categories, The Insider's One-Page Advocacy Checklist is designed to help you uncover the important advocacy resources you already have - and the ones you may need - to build an effective campaign, quickly and efficiently.

When you know where to focus, you can zero in on the right people, places, and things without wasting time and energy on factors that don't really matter to the decision makers you're trying to influence.

And you'll know which factors to emphasize in your written and oral communications with policymakers and their staff.

Consider it your compass for making a difference!

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