What People Are Saying

Mark is the smartest, most capable policy analyst and strategist with whom I have ever worked. But beyond his knowledge and skills, Mark has that rarest of traits— excellent judgment. And he doesn’t give up - ever.


James C. Pyles
Co-Founder & Principal
Powers | Pyles | Sutter & Verville

"[Mark] immediately encouraged and helped us target allies to join us in building a strong bipartisan coalitionstill rare and anomalous in Washington—to gather the forces needed to change minds and laws."


Deborah C. Peel
Founder & Chair of The Board
Patient Privacy Rights

“What’s unique about Mark is his holistic approach to tackling an issue - it’s refreshing to work with Mark because he understands all components of an issue to get the resolution we want.


 Sara Nelson
International President
Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

I’d put [Mark] in the national hero category. What does that mean?
There was a need and nobody was doing anything about it. Mark was the point guy. Mark made a lot of it happen. He did a lot of the heavy lifting.”

Leon Laylagian
Major Commercial Airline



Mark Bayer is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of millions of people traveling aboard passenger aircraft every day.”


Paul Onorato
Major Commercial Airline


Achieving Results


We connect you with policymakers who determine whether your agenda advances in Congress and/or the Executive Branch; draft materials and shape key messages for meetings with government officials and congressional staff; and attend, and prepare you for, meetings to support the most effective delivery of your priorities.

Business Development

We build out a network of contacts and relationships that generates quality leads and increases the potential for landing new clients; communicate with identified leads, with the objective of scheduling meetings to demonstrate how you can deliver valuable results; and arrange and attend meetings and handle follow-up discussions

Strategic Communications

We create a detailed roadmap to identify, and focus on, the key influencers and stakeholders you need to reach with your message; teach you how to strategically craft impactful content and sequence its delivery; and based on specific needs, we also offer media training, speechwriting, and crisis management.

Which One Are You?


You need to strategically navigate the new and uncertain policy environment to ensure your corporate priorities are aggressively advanced. At the same time, you must be alert to efforts to roll back previous agenda items you worked hard to accomplish.


You're on a mission and need a creative approach and action plan to convey your unique strengths and successes to a range of stakeholders, including potential contributors. Additional requirements may include organizational development and focused networking.


You’re responsible for responding to stakeholders, elected officials, the press and everyday citizens. Needs may encompass several areas, such as messaging, public speaking, and media training for agency leaders.