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"Fighting Back Against Alternative Facts: Experts Share Their Secrets"

"Alternative facts are not facts at all, but socially sanctioned beliefs, said Bayer, who has studied the scientific literature of persuasion enough to call himself a “persuasion nerd.” But there are ways to change minds, he said."

"The Mail: How Fake News Hurts"

"Interestingly, research suggests that there is a particular dynamic at play between fake news and alternative facts: third parties, including the news media and respected individuals, can be effective antidotes to the toxicity of alternative facts, sapping their staying power and lessening their impact. Trump’s consistent attacks on the objective reporting that he dislikes weaken the persuasive effects of these vital—and all too scarce—counterweights to his false narratives. In other words, every alternative fact that Trump disseminates on Twitter, in interviews, and in statements serves to further delegitimatize sources of accurate information, and also to normalize both the act of spreading misinformation and the misinformation itself."

"Markey Aide Back As Chief of Staff"

"Massachusetts Democrat Ed Markey has named Mark Bayer, his aide for nearly 15 years, as his new Senate Chief of Staff, his office announced Wednesday. Bayer, who served a couple of years as Markey's top aide in the House, worked on net neutrality legislation and helped write the Communications and Video Accessibility Act. In a statement, Markey touted Bayer's 'decades of superlative experience' that will help ensure a smooth transition."